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About Us

The Boca Raton Republican Club, formerly known as the Boca Raton Regional Republican Club, reorganized in 2023 so as to expand its mission and continue to serve the greater Boca Raton area and surrounding communities.

Our club’s roots are grounded in one of the oldest and largest Republican Clubs in South Florida and continues to host the brightest conservative stars of the Republican Party as well as other notable conservatives who shape the political landscape. Past speakers have included: Marco Rubio, Allen West, Rudy Giuliani, Rick Santorum, Jeff Atwater, Louis Gohmert, Steven Moore and many, many more!

    The Board of Directors
President – Armand Grossman
Vice President – Tony Altieri
Secretary – Elaine Ciccarone
Treasurer – Linda Aaron Caiola
General Counsel – James Pruden
Events – Trisha DeBlasis


It is undisputed that the progressive movement within the Democrat leadership has taken control of that party and advances an agenda of high taxes and financial recklessness, out of control crime, late term abortion and infanticide, open borders, class warfare, business oppression, failed socialist policies and participants in the growing effort to transform the U.S. economic, social, and political structure into a central planned Marxist style society.

Their commitment to this agenda is motivated by their leadership’s fanatical quest for control over the population in complete disregard for the safety, security and best interests of U.S. citizens.

Our Club supports an originalist commitment to the U.S. Constitution with a mission to support efforts that advance domestic and international security, as well as the principles of economic and political freedom as established by our country’s founders. As part of that mission, our Club uniquely takes a more proactive role than the chartered GOP organizations in that the Club evaluates and supports qualified candidates for public office who are committed to the conservative ideology underlying our stated mission.

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